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The evolution of mobile solutions is rapidly changing and evolving in today’s world.  For an ISV, having a mobile solution is no longer a luxury at this point; it’s required to be competitive in the market for both consumer and enterprise-oriented software companies.

EFE has effectively worked with many of our clients to not only build out their mobile solutions on phones, tablets and other devices; but also help them work through their mobility strategy and architectures.

We work across a variety of operating systems and hardware devices including:

  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone and cross-platform SDKs
  • Smart Phones, Tablets, and Proprietary Devices


Our team will work with you to initially understand how mobility fits into your business strategy and what approach makes the most sense to meet your objectives.  EFE has deep expertise in building out best-in-class architectures, user interfaces and business flows within Mobile applications that meet both the unique business and user requirements of different industries and users.  At a more detailed level, we’ll work with you to determine whether it makes sense to leverage HTML5 or build applications natively to meet your short-term and long-term goals.

By leveraging EFE’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions, ISVs can get to market more quickly with confidence as we can rapidly create prototypes and iterate with you to launch mobility platforms that drive your business success.


  • Development expertise across iOS, Android SDK, and Windows 8 mobile platforms
  • Ability to develop Multi-Platform Applications simultaneously to give you greater market coverage for your app and faster time to market capability
  • Create user experiences that enhance productivity regardless of the mobile device being used
  • Specialize in developing enterprise level mobile applications that leverage existing R&D investments within ISV organizations

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