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Many companies are faced with the challenge of having legacy applications in older technologies. Legacy products on older platforms may cause challenges such as:
  • Higher cost of maintenance
  • Reduced speed to market
  • Lack of access to skills to support older technologies
  • Incompatibility with today’s open cloud based eco-system of technology

To address these challenges, software companies need to reengineer or port their software to new web-based and current technologies. Yet, ISVs face many roadblocks and hurdles in dealing with the challenge of modernizing their software:

  • Lack of skills and expertise with current technologies and platforms
  • Lack of engineering capacity in their internal organization
  • Limited budget to support a re-write of their software

Regardless of how well your current application is architected or how well it is or is not documented, EFE has the methodology and the team to tailor a solution to your needs. Our methodology includes a cost-effective approach to decomposing your current solution, understanding what should be leveraged and updated, selecting what technologies best suite your strategy, and, ultimately, building a best in class application.

EFE has reengineered many legacy applications to .NET, Java, Open Source, and other platforms as well as ensured the data associated with the applications was migrated effectively. Whether you require a migration to meet new customer requirements, or need to move from an On-Premise to a SaaS platform, you can have confidence EFE can is your partner for all Application Reengineering.


  • Fully Documented End Solution
  • A new architected solution according to Industry Best Practices
  • Lower cost of maintenance
  • Faster Speed to Market
  • Availability of your resources to work on more strategic projects
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